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libraryAmerican Geographical library deskThe American Geographical Society Library is one of the Western Hemisphere’s foremost geography and map collections. Formerly housed at the American Geographical Society (AGS) in New York, it was transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries in 1978 following a nationwide selection process by the Society.

The AGS was formed in the early 1850s to promote the collection and diffusion of geographical and statistical information and to establish and maintain a library with a collection of maps, charts and instruments. By 1870, this library was already recognized as the “largest and most valuable” of its type in the United States. Later, at the conclusion of World War I, the United States Government centered the preliminary work of its delegation to the Paris Peace Conference, President Wilson’s famous “Inquiry,” at the Society’s headquarters in order to draw on its unique resources.

Through the years, the collections expanded in response to the Society’s research activities and through donations from its members. Today, this tradition of world-class geographic information support continues through the American Geographical Society Library in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The AGS Library presently consists of well over one million items, and includes maps, atlases, books, journals, pamphlets, photographs, slides, Landsat images, and digital spatial data. The scope of its collection is worldwide. Currently, the AGS Library is also the home of the archives of the Association of American Geographers, and an affiliate member of the U.S. Geological Survey’s Earth Science Information Center (ESIC) network and its Natural Science Network consortium.  The extensive collection includes Cartographic Collections which includesGeneral Maps and Charts, Rare Materials, Atlases, Globes, and Wall Maps.  There are also Photographic Collections, Monographs and Serials, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data, Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Data, the AGSL Digital Collections, Archives, and Pamphlet Files.

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