FOCUS on Geography Instruction for Authors

FOCUS on Geography welcomes article ideas and manuscripts from geographers and those who write geographically. Articles must be excellent in quality and written for an informed general audience. A personal point of view and a sense of humor are welcome. FOCUS on Geography provides a place for geographers' individual voices to emerge, free from professional jargon.

Brief articles (photo essays) should be five to ten pages, double-spaced; feature articles are about fifteen pages double-spaced. Your submission should follow the guidelines set forth in the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition. Please submit your manuscript in a digital format via email in MS Word. Photographs or other images (including maps) must be submitted in digital format, be of very high quality, sharply focused, and reasonably bright for clear viewing (prints should be scanned at 900 dpi). TIFF format is required for all images. Maps should be included. The design and production of maps should be individually discussed with the editors but each map must include a title, neat line, scale, legend, and northing system. If using maps or photographs from outside sources, it is the author’s responsibility to seek permission for publication. Authors should indicate in the text the preferred location of figures. Figures (including images) are not to be included in the text but, rather, should be saved to a separate file. Figure captions are to be included at the end of the manuscript after the reference section. A brief biographical sketch should also be placed at the end of the manuscript.

Due to the large size of image files, it is preferred that images be transferred to a CD and mailed to the editors. If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the editors prior to submission. Each manuscript will be sent to at least two referees. The acceptance or rejection of manuscripts is based on referees’ and the editors' comments and criteria. Your manuscript can only be accepted if it has not been published in another publication or submitted to another publication. The American Geographical Society will retain copyrights of all articles published in FOCUS. FOCUS on Geography does not pay for articles; authors receive multiple copies of "their" issue.

Manuscript submissions are to be sent electronically to either of the co-editors, Peggy Gripshover ( or Tom Bell (

It is generally anticipated that authors will try to support all journals in which they seek to publish. 

In general, it is assumed that authors are supporters of the American Geographical Society, either as members or as subscribers to FOCUS on Geography. If that is not the case, please contact Maria V. Rosa at to request a membership/subscription form.  Otherwise, moderate page costs will be assessed.