Bowman Expedition to Kazakhstan

In 2009, the Bowman Expedition to Kazakhstan addressedtransportation infrastructure issues, collecting open-source, publicly-available information on railroads, roads, sea ports,and other transportation modes.The American Geographical Society conducted original field research using primary sources to study the transportation networks and systems of Kazakhstan. The Bowman Expedition team conducted field-based geographic data collection, research, and analysis in support of the effort.  In particular, this research addressed the quality of transportation lines with regard to capacity and efficiency of networks during periods of high transportation demand.

Team members included PI Jerome E. Dobson, Co-PI Steven Egbert, and GRA Christin Burke of the University of Kansas and geograper Leon Yacher of the University of Southern Connecticut.  Field investigators worked in close consultation with the Kazakh Ministry of Transportation facilitated by a formal agreement with the Central Asian Geographical Society.

For more information on this project, read Leon Yacher’s final report.

Funded by U. S. Department of Defense.