Humboldt Club

The Humboldt Club is a group of extraordinary supporters of the American Geographical Society who give to or obtain for the Society a donation of at least $5,000 per year.  They play an important part in the work of AGS, and they help to ensure the strength of the Society.

Humboldt Club Members enjoy all the benefits of the Galileo Circle including:

  • Electronic subscription to UBIQUE
  • Access to “Members Only” sections of Website (Geo Jobs, Research in Practice)    
  • Electronic notifications of Scholar/Intern openings
  • Electronic notifications of scholarship opportunities
  • Eligibility to participate and join teams in AGS Research Projects
  • Eligibility to participate in special selection committees
  • Courtesy invitations to all Medal and Honors Events
  • Reduced rates for AGS Conferences and special publications
  • Invitations to Annual General meetings and receptions in New York City

…and as Members of the Humboldt Club, they also enjoy:

  • Invitations to accompany the Council for meetings and site visits elsewhere
  • Invitations to special events such as Fliers’ and Explorers’ Globe Signings and Receptions

To become a Humboldt Club Member contact:

John Konarski III, Ph.D
Executive Director
American Geographical Society
32 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11202
Tel:  718-624-2212
Fax:  718-624-2239

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